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Last week, I was invited to participate in a little hashtag challenge on Instagram #mumfashionmonday by the lovely blogger @lauraslittleloves.

I teamed up with 5 other local mums to share our daily outfits worn over a week.I have added the link to their blogs at the end of this post.

The purpose of the hashtag is to encourage other mums to join in and share their own mum style using the hashtag, and then we will share a few of our favourites on our Insta stories on Mondays throughout February.

The other mums taking part are still in the earlier stages of motherhood, so for me I’m looking at it from a more mature perspective. My children are fairly grown up and I no longer need to dress for practical purposes! It’s nice to be able to wear what you like and not have to worry about toddler messes!!

As a full time nurse, I spend almost half my week in my uniform, so when I am not working I really appreciate my clothes more than maybe the average person who wears ‘ordinary’ clothes daily! I do not consider myself in any way a fashion or style blogger but I have always had an interest in style which I guess I inherited from my own mum!

What Are Your Go To Items In Your Wardrobe?

Definitely skinny jeans which I live in 90% of the time in winter anyway! Also you can never go wrong with a Breton top. My black leather biker jacket is timeless and it can be worn all year round with different styles of outfits, it’s probably my favourite item in my wardrobe.

My favourite season for clothes is definitely summer, I love culottes, t shirts, and summer dresses always teamed with sandals. I could happily live in flip flops!

I am also the queen of jumpsuits! They can be very flattering and hide a multitude of sins!! I especially love to wear them on a night out when you can accessorise them with jewellery, a good bag and shoes.

Describe Your Style

Classic pieces with a modern edge. I love key pieces that I can wear year after year like a timeless, good quality coat or boots.I would say I have a bit of a boho vibe especially in the summer when I can really go to town!

What’s Your Favourite Clothes Shops?

I love Topshop, River Island and New Look. I particularly like Oasis and Warehouse for staple pieces like basic tshirts. My jeans are almost always from Oasis as I find the cut and fit perfect for me plus they are so comfortable and wear really well. I’ve been most impressed with Marks and Spencer over the last few seasons, I feel they’ve really upped their game!

Where Do You Find Your Style Inspiration?

Before Instagram came along, I loved browsing through women’s fashion magazines for inspiration and I still try to do this. I follow a lot of style bloggers but I like to think that at this stage in my life I know my own style and what suits and doesn’t suit me.

My all time style inspiration has always been Kate Moss, I just love her effortless boho style!

Have You Any Fashion Tips?

Dress for you, not for anyone else! you don’t have to follow all the trends; enjoy your own style; dress for comfort and practicality too especially if you’re a new mum!

My Week In Outfits

Disclaimer: due to working 12 hour shifts and a bout of flu at the end of the week, I was unable to capture my daily style for the entire week but I have posted what I did manage to get!

Day 1-

Sweatshirt: H&M

Jeans: Oasis

Boots: Next

Day 2:

Shirt: Topshop (sale bargain) !!

Cami: Oasis

Jeans: Oasis

Boots: Primark

Day 3:

Gym gear!

I purchase most of my gym gear from TKMaxx, this top is from Primark’s new range in collaboration with Alice Liveing which is fab!

Day 4:

Breton top: Boden

Jeans: Oasis

Jacket: Next

Boots: Next

Don’t forget!!

Click on these fab accounts of the other mums who joined in:

And feel free to join in with the hashtag #mumfashionmonday on Instagram.We will pick our favourites each week in February!

Thanks for reading

Lisa xx


Back to Blogging


I started blogging in May 2018, with a new found interest for creative writing and doing something I had never thought of doing before.

Four blog posts later, and my creative juices had dried up, caused mainly by the interference of real life – busy work schedules, family life and erratic hormones (say no more!)

Basically I had lost my mojo. And the longer you procrastinate I feel, the more difficult it is to restart something. At times a break can be good and much needed but writer’s block and lack of inspiration can set in.

As time went on I felt a bit of a fraud calling myself a blogger! But in this game there are no rules and I’m not blogging for my career (just as well really!!)

It has taken several (or more) months and a variety of aspects to feel inspired again and give me that push in the right direction. So I thought I’d share these with you, if you too feel the same.

Be Inspired



* Read other blogs-

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t read a lot of blogs before i started blogging myself. I have found blogs mainly via Instagram and have a handful of favourites, those who inspire others with emotive and relevant subjects. Reading other people’s work can help inspire and trigger ideas for your own blog and I don’t mean copying! That’s just plagiarism! Ensure your words and thoughts are your own.


*Share ideas-

Interact with others who share the same interests. I have recently attended a number of gatherings and meet ups with other local bloggers and Instagrammers, where we have ‘swapped notes ‘ and ideas. It’s a great way to get fired up by discussing how we can all achieve our goals together.



this pretty much underrated app is becoming the next ‘big thing’ . Up until recently I viewed it as and used it for pretty images to repin. However like everything else I have discovered it can be used for so much more than that. If you have a topic or idea in mind, the possibilities are endless! Also in recent weeks I have been hearing from other bloggers how Pinterest is becoming  the fastest way to drive traffic to your blog and I am definitely going to look into this a lot more.

*Be true to yourself-

write about your life/ experiences that are relevant to you, not what you think others would like to read or what the current trend is. I have started making a list of what’s currently relevant in my life and have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of different topics I feel I can write about!



Often I find that I will get ideas or topics that randomly come to mind, and have started making brief notes or bullet points on them for future reference. Weirdly my most creative ideas have came to me in the wee small hours when I’m working night shift, even though I’m usually in zombie mode at this time! I now bring a little notebook in my bag and jot down any ideas on my coffee break! In fact, this is where I’ve written the foundations for this post by the way!!

And finally

Remember, don’t ever feel pressurised to write for the sake of it. I’d rather not publish a post than write something half-hearted and with no real purpose.

I’d just like to reiterate that I’m a novice at this blogging malarkey and I’m still learning in what is a huge spectrum, but as I’ve said before there’s room for us all! Just be yourself and start writing!

Lisa x

Our Italian Adventures


flag italy

Italy, my dream destination and it only took me 46 years to get there! But boy was it worth the wait!

In my mind Italy always conjured up images of stunning historical architecture,   a culture of amazing food and wine, the epitome of style and the great fashion houses. In essence, la Dolce Vita! And it didn’t disappoint.



One week stay from 30 June – 7 July 2018


Myself ( mamascoffee_diaries ) and youngest son


Our Accommodation

The Four Star Poiano Resort


A fabulous hotel, halfboard, Olympic sized swimming pool, fitness centre, pool bar/ restaurant/ cocktail bar and tennis courts.



A short distance outside Garda town, situated on the hills with stunning views of Lake Garda.





Garda town-

a quaint, harbour town situated in a bay along Lake Garda, southeast of the lake. Here we strolled along the fabulous promenade, watching the boats, ducks and the locals having a morning swim! It’s a bustling little town but not over crowded or touristy.

We loved to sit along the pavement cafes sipping cappuccino and sampling different flavours of the amazing gelato on offer, it would’ve been rude not to!!



Without a doubt, the highlight of our stay! A fully guided coach tour and a 12 hour day trip.

No words or photos could explain the breathtaking experience of such a unique place. It really is the most distinctive, magical and totally Instagrammable city in Europe!

We arrived via a water taxi, a brief  20 minute trip from the mainland to Venice city.


We disembarked right in the heart of the city,  close to Doge’s Palace; right into the hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspot.

Our tour proceeded to St Mark’s Square, the infamous largest square in Venice, a tourist Mecca, home to the spectacular St Marks Basilica Cathedral and the clocktower.

St Marks square or Piazza San Marco, is bustling with tourists, pigeons, designer shops and high end pavement cafes where you can pay a fortune to sit and be served by waiters in white tuxedos and serenaded by a small orchestra!


Gondola trip



A must do for anyone visiting the floating city! We took a 30 minute trip through the narrow canals, guided by our expert gondolier. Although there were dozens of gondolas in use, it was a very relaxing, peaceful experience and a most welcome relief from the intense heat of the sun.

We ended the ride by entering the busy Grand Canal, Venice’s ‘Main Street ‘ before returning to base.


I found the price very reasonable, €46 for one adult and child, well worth it for the experience, one of which we will never forget. Bucketlist well and truly ticked on this one!

After lunch, we headed to the world famous Grand canal and visited the must see Rialto Bridge, where a selfie was a must do!



Our tour was coming to a close and with some free time, we chose to chill in St Marks square with an Aperol spritz and gelato, before going to see the stunning Bridge of Sighs.


We left the city soon after, hotel bound with sore feet, but with wonderful memories and a welcome prosecco on our return!


Our holiday soon came to an end unfortunately, but we have definitely left a piece of our hearts in Italia 🇮🇹 and are planning a return already!


Tropic Skincare Review


A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to try out some products from the natural skincare brand ‘Tropic’.

I had heard of Tropic products before and more recently on Instagram and have heard nothing but positive reviews. So when Tropic skincare ambassador @tropicbeautybysinead agreed to hand over a ‘borrow box’ for a week, I didn’t hesitate!

Tropic skincare is a 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free, natural skincare, haircare and makeup brand. All products are composed of naturally derived ingredients and do not contain parabens, alcohol, synthetic preservatives or sodium laurel sulphate. This is a definite plus in these times of environmental awareness, cruelty free animal testing and reducing  chemical toxicity.




  • SMOOTHING CLEANSER-  made with green tea extract, golden jojoba and eucalyptus leaf oils. I was very impressed with the generous bottle size and priced at £16 for 120 ml, very much value for money. This cleanser is applied onto dry skin over face and neck twice daily and removed with a cloth and warm water. The first thing you notice when using this cleanser is the fantastic scent! A pleasant, fresh spa smelling fragrance , not over powering. The texture is smooth almost gel like. After massaging it into my skin for a few moments, before rinsing it off I found it removed my makeup well. I prefer the feel of a wash off cleanser, so this was one of my favourite products!
  • VITAMIN TONER- this pore refining mist is made from organic aloe Vera juice, vitamin c and cranberry extract. This is spritzed onto the skin in a spray format over face and neck daily. You have the choice to leave it on the skin to sink in for extra moisture or wipe away with a cotton pad. I opted to leave it on for optimum benefits. This toner feels so refreshing on your face and it is particularly welcome in the hot weather and would be fab for taking on holiday! Priced at £14 for 120 ml.5403EDC4-759F-45DC-97A7-AC3E7CE03DC2.jpeg
  • FACE LIFT- a brightening, tightening mask made with agave nectar, turmeric and sea buckhorn extracts. This is a face mask applied twice weekly concentrating on areas prone to aging such as the neck and forehead. I left this mask on for approximately 15mins until it had dried in well, then rinsed off with lukewarm water. This is an ideal mask to apply, then relax in the bath for a truly pampering session! Once removed my skin felt so fresh and deep cleansed. £16 for 50 ml
  • NIGHT REPAIR- a cell renewal cream concentrate, made naturally with plant ceramides, blue chamomile oil and murumuru butter. This is an overnight moisturiser, apply 1-2 pumps to skin and massage in upward, circular motions. I found this cream to be quite a buttery texture, which is ideal for nighttime use and great for dry skin. £34 for 50ml
  • EYE REVIVE- an age defying cream concentrate, powered by a blend of skin firming, collagen boosting flower and fruit extracts, using encapsulated vitamin technology to dramatically reduce signs of aging around the delicate eye area. Again this cream has a lovely light texture which I used both day and night, before applying the Night Repair. £20 for 15ml
  • GOOD SKIN DAY- a unique ‘green’ serum to protect and feed the skin all the vitamins and phytonutrients needed to maintain a bright , healthy looking complexion that’s full of vitality. I applied this serum after cleansing by massaging just a few drops into my face in upward, circular motions for at least one minute. This allows all the vitamins and nutrients soak into the deep layers of the skin. It’s recommended the serum is applied 1-3 times weekly due to the presence of AHA fruit acids. On application I experienced a light tingling sensation which states is normal as the fruit acids work to renew and refine your skin. £42 for 30 ml



Overall my favourite products I trialled were the smoothing cleanser, toner and serum. After a week my skin is feeling soft and nourished. Due to the short trial period I cannot give a true review of the long term use of the products such as the serum and face mask but I am looking forward to adding these to my skincare collection!

Since my trial I have ordered the cleanser and toner, along with the Skin Revive moisturiser and Face smoother as a basic starter pack, known as the ABC collection and eagerly await their arrival!

Thanks for reading x

Disclaimer: This review has not been sponsored or endorsed in any way by Tropic skincare. I wished to review products on my own and was kindly gifted/ borrowed the products to try.

Thanks again to Sinead Martin for the opportunity!

Friends Reunited

Great friends just pick up where they left off“. Anon


Today marks a month since I met up with a small group of ‘old’ school friends for a much anticipated meet up.

Our original reunion happened in 2014 where we all met for the first time in almost 25 years and it all began with a chance encounter…

A few months previously, I was enjoying a night out at Galgorm Resort and Spa when I was approached by a girl who addressed me by my maiden name! I was completely shocked at this as originally coming from Belfast and living in the Ballymena area for almost 20 years at the time, no one local could possibly have known my maiden name. It turns out it was my school friend Joanne, who like me, married and moved to the same area, in fact approximately 3 miles away! Yes we had been living so near for so long and didn’t even know it! The days before Facebook!!

From that night, we swapped numbers, friended on Facebook and so it developed from there, searching and connecting with the rest of our ‘bunch’.

Our reunion included most of our year so it was a little manic trying ‘to do the rounds ‘ and catch up with so many people. We left vowing to do it again. As is life, it was almost 4 years until we could finally make arrangements and this time it was just our ‘wee group’.

Myself and Joanne caught the train together to Belfast and met early to have a few sneaky cocktails first!

The Perch Rooftop Bar

Our first port of call was ‘Rita’s’ a piano bar for a cold glass of Rosé, before heading next door to ‘The Perch’ a quirky rooftop bar, home to the most amazing space and cocktails. Their espresso martinis are to die for!

Unfortunately we had time for only one drink here before strolling across the City to the very stylish ‘Café Parisien’, situated directly opposite Belfast City Hall.

It came as no surprise that we were the last to arrive (those darn cocktails!) . We were immediately greeted with hugs and toasted each other with fabulous crystal glasses of prosecco . We had a beautiful afternoon tea and the next few hours were spent drinking, chatting and laughing until our cheeks were sore! Those stories about teachers, fellow pupils that we all loved/ hated! Any mild anxiety about catching up again, which I’m sure we all have, was immediately dispelled as we chatted as if we had never parted. Now that’s true friendship!

Before long, we were back on the train with full hearts and bellies, multiple pics on our phones and with plans to do it all again in September (hopefully 2018!) . Watch this space….

About Me


I’m Lisa, a forty something mum of 2 teenage boys and wife to Mr ‘Coffeediaries’.

I’m a mum, cleaner, cook, (but mainly) shopper by day and Nurse at night. Yes I work the shift no-one else wants to work! Hence the permanent black shadows under my eyes and coffee permanently on tap!

They say ‘do something every day that scares you’ which, as you get older can become more difficult.

So after months of consideration and deliberation I have decided to crawl out from under my comfort zone and start a blog!

Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of lifestyle posts, covering a range of topics such as beauty/ style/ interiors; health and fitness inspo; motherhood and whatever I feel inspired by.

Other facts about me include- I love reading, keeping fit, and scrolling through Instagram! My daily drug is coffee (as my title suggests!!) and I am partial to a glass of wine or gin (I’m not fussy!!)

I love making plans and always have ideas in my head, it’s just putting them into practice I need to work on! So I’m hoping my blogging will help me be more productive and organised!

So that’s me in a brief rundown, I hope you’ll enjoy following my blogging journey as I start out and see where it ventures!