About Me


I’m Lisa, a forty something mum of 2 teenage boys and wife to Mr ‘Coffeediaries’.

I’m a mum, cleaner, cook, (but mainly) shopper by day and Nurse at night. Yes I work the shift no-one else wants to work! Hence the permanent black shadows under my eyes and coffee permanently on tap!

They say ‘do something every day that scares you’ which, as you get older can become more difficult.

So after months of consideration and deliberation I have decided to crawl out from under my comfort zone and start a blog!

Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of lifestyle posts, covering a range of topics such as beauty/ style/ interiors; health and fitness inspo; motherhood and whatever I feel inspired by.

Other facts about me include- I love reading, keeping fit, and scrolling through Instagram! My daily drug is coffee (as my title suggests!!) and I am partial to a glass of wine or gin (I’m not fussy!!)

I love making plans and always have ideas in my head, it’s just putting them into practice I need to work on! So I’m hoping my blogging will help me be more productive and organised!

So that’s me in a brief rundown, I hope you’ll enjoy following my blogging journey as I start out and see where it ventures!



Author: mamascoffeediaries

A forty something mum, just starting out on my blogging journey. Lover of all things style, interiors, lifestyle, fitness and Instagram.

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