Tropic Skincare Review


A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to try out some products from the natural skincare brand ‘Tropic’.

I had heard of Tropic products before and more recently on Instagram and have heard nothing but positive reviews. So when Tropic skincare ambassador @tropicbeautybysinead agreed to hand over a ‘borrow box’ for a week, I didn’t hesitate!

Tropic skincare is a 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free, natural skincare, haircare and makeup brand. All products are composed of naturally derived ingredients and do not contain parabens, alcohol, synthetic preservatives or sodium laurel sulphate. This is a definite plus in these times of environmental awareness, cruelty free animal testing and reducing  chemical toxicity.




  • SMOOTHING CLEANSER-  made with green tea extract, golden jojoba and eucalyptus leaf oils. I was very impressed with the generous bottle size and priced at £16 for 120 ml, very much value for money. This cleanser is applied onto dry skin over face and neck twice daily and removed with a cloth and warm water. The first thing you notice when using this cleanser is the fantastic scent! A pleasant, fresh spa smelling fragrance , not over powering. The texture is smooth almost gel like. After massaging it into my skin for a few moments, before rinsing it off I found it removed my makeup well. I prefer the feel of a wash off cleanser, so this was one of my favourite products!
  • VITAMIN TONER- this pore refining mist is made from organic aloe Vera juice, vitamin c and cranberry extract. This is spritzed onto the skin in a spray format over face and neck daily. You have the choice to leave it on the skin to sink in for extra moisture or wipe away with a cotton pad. I opted to leave it on for optimum benefits. This toner feels so refreshing on your face and it is particularly welcome in the hot weather and would be fab for taking on holiday! Priced at £14 for 120 ml.5403EDC4-759F-45DC-97A7-AC3E7CE03DC2.jpeg
  • FACE LIFT- a brightening, tightening mask made with agave nectar, turmeric and sea buckhorn extracts. This is a face mask applied twice weekly concentrating on areas prone to aging such as the neck and forehead. I left this mask on for approximately 15mins until it had dried in well, then rinsed off with lukewarm water. This is an ideal mask to apply, then relax in the bath for a truly pampering session! Once removed my skin felt so fresh and deep cleansed. £16 for 50 ml
  • NIGHT REPAIR- a cell renewal cream concentrate, made naturally with plant ceramides, blue chamomile oil and murumuru butter. This is an overnight moisturiser, apply 1-2 pumps to skin and massage in upward, circular motions. I found this cream to be quite a buttery texture, which is ideal for nighttime use and great for dry skin. £34 for 50ml
  • EYE REVIVE- an age defying cream concentrate, powered by a blend of skin firming, collagen boosting flower and fruit extracts, using encapsulated vitamin technology to dramatically reduce signs of aging around the delicate eye area. Again this cream has a lovely light texture which I used both day and night, before applying the Night Repair. £20 for 15ml
  • GOOD SKIN DAY- a unique ‘green’ serum to protect and feed the skin all the vitamins and phytonutrients needed to maintain a bright , healthy looking complexion that’s full of vitality. I applied this serum after cleansing by massaging just a few drops into my face in upward, circular motions for at least one minute. This allows all the vitamins and nutrients soak into the deep layers of the skin. It’s recommended the serum is applied 1-3 times weekly due to the presence of AHA fruit acids. On application I experienced a light tingling sensation which states is normal as the fruit acids work to renew and refine your skin. £42 for 30 ml



Overall my favourite products I trialled were the smoothing cleanser, toner and serum. After a week my skin is feeling soft and nourished. Due to the short trial period I cannot give a true review of the long term use of the products such as the serum and face mask but I am looking forward to adding these to my skincare collection!

Since my trial I have ordered the cleanser and toner, along with the Skin Revive moisturiser and Face smoother as a basic starter pack, known as the ABC collection and eagerly await their arrival!

Thanks for reading x

Disclaimer: This review has not been sponsored or endorsed in any way by Tropic skincare. I wished to review products on my own and was kindly gifted/ borrowed the products to try.

Thanks again to Sinead Martin for the opportunity!


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2 thoughts on “Tropic Skincare Review”

  1. I recently purchased the face smooth brightening polish and I’m delighted so far. Also I bought the tinted beauty booster to use on holiday instead of foundation. It has an 30 spf so thought it would be a good option for travelling. I’m looking forward to trying some more of their products. I’ve heard a lot of good reports about their sun creams.


    1. Hi Claire, thanks for your comment! Oh I’m intrigued about the tinted beauty booster as i don’t like foundation on hols either. I’m going on hols end of this month so I’m going to have a look at this! I love discovering new products and am excited to try more from this fab range. X


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