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I started blogging in May 2018, with a new found interest for creative writing and doing something I had never thought of doing before.

Four blog posts later, and my creative juices had dried up, caused mainly by the interference of real life – busy work schedules, family life and erratic hormones (say no more!)

Basically I had lost my mojo. And the longer you procrastinate I feel, the more difficult it is to restart something. At times a break can be good and much needed but writer’s block and lack of inspiration can set in.

As time went on I felt a bit of a fraud calling myself a blogger! But in this game there are no rules and I’m not blogging for my career (just as well really!!)

It has taken several (or more) months and a variety of aspects to feel inspired again and give me that push in the right direction. So I thought I’d share these with you, if you too feel the same.

Be Inspired



* Read other blogs-

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t read a lot of blogs before i started blogging myself. I have found blogs mainly via Instagram and have a handful of favourites, those who inspire others with emotive and relevant subjects. Reading other people’s work can help inspire and trigger ideas for your own blog and I don’t mean copying! That’s just plagiarism! Ensure your words and thoughts are your own.


*Share ideas-

Interact with others who share the same interests. I have recently attended a number of gatherings and meet ups with other local bloggers and Instagrammers, where we have ‘swapped notes ‘ and ideas. It’s a great way to get fired up by discussing how we can all achieve our goals together.



this pretty much underrated app is becoming the next ‘big thing’ . Up until recently I viewed it as and used it for pretty images to repin. However like everything else I have discovered it can be used for so much more than that. If you have a topic or idea in mind, the possibilities are endless! Also in recent weeks I have been hearing from other bloggers how Pinterest is becoming  the fastest way to drive traffic to your blog and I am definitely going to look into this a lot more.

*Be true to yourself-

write about your life/ experiences that are relevant to you, not what you think others would like to read or what the current trend is. I have started making a list of what’s currently relevant in my life and have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of different topics I feel I can write about!



Often I find that I will get ideas or topics that randomly come to mind, and have started making brief notes or bullet points on them for future reference. Weirdly my most creative ideas have came to me in the wee small hours when I’m working night shift, even though I’m usually in zombie mode at this time! I now bring a little notebook in my bag and jot down any ideas on my coffee break! In fact, this is where I’ve written the foundations for this post by the way!!

And finally

Remember, don’t ever feel pressurised to write for the sake of it. I’d rather not publish a post than write something half-hearted and with no real purpose.

I’d just like to reiterate that I’m a novice at this blogging malarkey and I’m still learning in what is a huge spectrum, but as I’ve said before there’s room for us all! Just be yourself and start writing!

Lisa x


Author: mamascoffeediaries

A forty something mum, just starting out on my blogging journey. Lover of all things style, interiors, lifestyle, fitness and Instagram.

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  1. I couldn’t recommend Pinterest enough as a source of traffic! One of my pins went viral on Pinterest this week and the traffic I’ve had off the back of it has been amazing!


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